Jung and Faust

The opera gives a limited perspective of Jung’s ideas, both from brevity and because he is seen largely through the eyes of other characters.  There is a more serious layer of Jungian influence in the structure of the play, and in the reciprocal influence of Faust on Jung’s psychological ideas,  and Jungian understanding of Faust’s meaning.

A. Gabriela Luschei’s Dissertation treats this reciprocal influence in great detail.

Two souls dwell within my breast: the encounter with shadow and the problem of the missing fourth, a Jungian interpretation of Goethe’s Faust

The following treatment of Faust is the most extensive I’ve found online.
Alexandar Gillies, 1957  Goethe’s Faust:  An Interpretation

Bruce McLennan, an engineering professor with many interests overlapping mine in AI, artificial life, taught an honors seminar on Goethe, Faust, and Science with extensive notes (chiefly on Faust Part II) .

John Richard Gustafson’s 2004 dissertation centers on a Jungian interpretation of the Pauli’s psychology and how it informed his physical innovations of the 1920’s.  It contains very interesting transcriptions of an interview with Heisenberg on the significance of the doublet.

Wolfgang Pauli 1900 to 1930: His Early Physics in Jungian

Lorna Fitzsimmons edited this compilation of perspectives on Faust and works derived from it. Goethe’s Faust and Cultural Memory


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