The Science

A collection of links to scientific topics related to the opera, quantum theory and mind, emergence.   The neuroscience of music has its own page.

Atmanspacher and Primas,  J. Consciousness Studies.
Pauli’s ideas on mind and matter in the context of contemporary science
Harald Atmanspacher Page on The Information Philosopher

Christian Beck has many papers and a book modeling sub-particle dynamics with chaotic strings and coupled maps.

Vienna Emergent Quantum Mechanics Group

Quantum phenomena at classical scales : silicon walkers on vibrating fluids

Quantum Cognition

Downward Causation and the Neurobiology of Free Will

Stephen Wolfram pioneered the more systematic study of complex systems and discusses re-formulating particle physics in these terms in his book A New Kind of Science.  Wolfram tones, on the company site, generates music you can download as a ringtone.   Simple underlying spatio-temporal processes underly both this and the dream music.  The opera uses statistical mechanics to get away from the clockwork feeling, and the musical research project has a commitment to modeling the links between emotion, dynamics and timing.

A New Kind of Science Online
Wolfram Tones

Robert Kozma took the lead role in developing the computational role of Walter Freeman’s K-Set Models, using discrete space discrete time map models.

Harter and Kozma: Aperiodic Neurodynamics Using a Simplified K-Set Neural Population Model

More recently Walter Freeman proposes a quantum related model:
Freeman and Vitello Dissipation and Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking in Brain Dynamics

My dissertation work and the music generation in the opera are based on coarse graining and a field known as symbolic dynamics, which bridges the opposition between computational symbolic worlds and the dynamical systems world.   These communities had an antagonistic relationship throughout the 80s and 90s, opposing AI with sub-symbolic and chaotic models of brain-like systems.  My work was intended to show that no such opposition need exist, and even further that one could consider partitions as dimensions of a metric space.

Cosma Shalizi   A note on symbolic dynamics


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